premiere 17.07.2012
closest performance


I was born a girl, but I'm pretty sure it is a mistake.

A docu-dance between genres, in the unique hybrid style of street-ballet. Dance and visual theatre revolving around the narrative and visual strategies of comic books, utilizing a unique street-ballet style that merges elements of hip hop with contemporary dance and classical ballet.

Transgender, body alienation and the alienated body, loneliness within society due to difference, and the desire for happiness and freedom!

Named The Best of Contemporary Dance 2012 by Washington Post, The Herald Angel Award The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013


But most impressive of all is simply Čechová’s body, which she turns into
a battleground of self-identity and societal censure. Amid all the imaginatively used technology of this show, that body is an element of surpassing wonder.
Washington Post, Sarah Kaufman, November 9, 2012
Miřenka Čechová controls her lithe body flawlessly and can uncover the depths of chaos and desperation through motion and abrupt shifts in tension. Rarely, a humorous point lightens the serious subject matter. The hour-long performance is charged with a kind of energy that allows no respite for
the viewer.”
Právo, Radmila Hrdinová, July 19, 2012