Light in the Darkness - Re-make

premiere 24.01.2024
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"Death will come and he will have your eyes"

A spectacular, artistically and physically expressive whole combining disciplines of physical and objective theater, new mime and dance.

Act 1: The Marquis de Sade - On the Dark Road
Human sins come to life here as a harmless grotesque beast. What does Death think about when he takes us away? And what is Death's world like? Just as bizarre and petty as ours? And what if Death bears the face of a child and dreams for a while, forgetting about his work. Time stops, humans grow numb, objects come to life. To be at the end of the road is at the same time both exhilarating and dangerous.

Act 2: Dante - Light in the Darkness
Passionate, sinful and devilish love. Whoever has not lived through a moment of hell can hardly see past the gates of heaven. Whoever has not tasted paradise can hardly comprehend hell. Hell is not others, hell exists within us. Just as we hold within us the hope of paradise.

Performers: Miřenka Čechová, Radim Vizváry

Directing assistance: Petr Boháč

Set design and costumes: Lucia Škandíková, Petra Vlachynská

Music: Matouš Hekela

Lighting design: Martin Špetlík

If I had to write a one-word review, it would be "amazing". But Tantehorse's production of "The Death of Marquis de Sade and Dante" is certainly worthy of more loquacious praise. It is a performance that you simply must see for yourself, at the Atlas Performing Arts Center, where this Czech ensemble presents the second and third parts of their Dark Trilogy.
Justin Schneider, DC Metro, Washington DC
The dead can't dance, said Prokofiev, voicing doubts about the ending of his ballet "Romeo and Juliet." But clearly, he had no idea what he was talking about.
Sarah Kaufman, Washington Post